Eva Maliti

Cast: 3 men, 3 women

A full-length play in two acts with a prologue and an epilogue includes some elements of an absurd drama and mystic theatre. It is based on abstractness yet filled with specific content. It critically reflects symptoms of a contemporary life which is ruled by indistinctiveness, avoiding responsibility, loss of ideals and spiritual values.


The story takes place in a kitchen and after that in a park. All these places are linked to the Visionary. His ex-wife Helena and present wife Angela meet to take care of the old and ill man together. They are assisted by a neighbour Tono Pastrnak, an alcoholic and former hairdresser, who adores the Visionary although he was secretly informing the police on him for several years and he has had an affair with both his wives. The Visionary, probably a former prominent person, used to be an idealist but nowadays he is just an embittered old man who doesn’t like people and doesn’t trust anyone. The atmosphere is filled with a secret of a criminal plan covered by the banality of characters’ behaviour and speech. The climax of the play is a catastrophic awareness of a potential crime and a potential punishment and in this kind of sense it serves as a sort of reminder.


The play was presented in Studio 12 in Bratislavain 2006 (directed by M. Frogacs) and at the international theatre festival Tramedautore in Milan in 2006 (directed by J. Le Ny).

  The play is available also in French and Italian translation.