Zuza Ferenczová , Anton Medowits

Cast: 2 men, 2 women

The play won the DRAMA competition in 2007.


“The whole jury has almost unanimously agreed that this was the most interesting play in the DRAMA competition 2007 that made us hope that a new voice has spoken up. Whereas Solitaire is the most widely used PC card application, is a stream of dialogues, monologues, phone calls and online chats of four characters, four solitaires. The authors called them Luna (Moon), Nezabudka (Forget-me-not), Hlava (Head) and Leco (Pepper Stew). Fortunately, behind these poetic names we can find living people speaking a lively language. We feel like the language they speak is the language we can hear every day around us, common dialogues on the street, authentic and yet concise and poetic. That turns the speech into a dramatic dialogue, pure, believable and socially-determined. The characters are middle-class young intellectuals who have just bought their own flat where they live alone. A torrent flow of words, seeking relationships on the phone, breaking up through text messages, talking to plants that listen more than people, lonely people trying to meet someone chatting on the balcony of a block of flats which is now full of new hopes and promises, but which can also become a varnished coffin. Solitaires’ dramatic lives are not over. They raise expectations. We would like to stay with the characters a bit longer as we can feel that the play exactly reflects the reality. That it’s not just a collage of a random moments but it tells us something crucial and sad about how a life Made In SK looks today.”

 (Viliam Klimáček, the jury chairman of the DRAMA competition 2007 and 2008)

  The play is available also in English, Hungarian ans Slovenian translation.