Ladislav Smoček

Genre: comedy
Cast: 3 men, 2 women

A retired scientist Dr. Zdeněk Burke rents a room from an old Mrs. Outěchová whose daughter Svatava is going to get married and that means Burke has to move out. When they tell him about it, Burke doesn’t really understand and keeps planning how to make his colleague Tichý happy and get him together with Svatava. He is trying to persuade Svatava not to marry Vaclav and when the crying bride passes out, he puts her into a wardrobe so that people do not suspect him of murdering her. By accident, he almost strangles Tichý and when he faints he puts him to a wardrobe, too. Mrs. Outěchová ends up in a wardrobe as well when she catches sight of the two inert bodies inside there. The same happens to Vaclav who is hit by Burke as he is afraid Vaclav will open the wardrobe. After that Burke locks the room and swallows the key. When everybody gains consciousness Burke takes advantage of the chaos and leaves the flat. The future married couple can happily eat their wedding lunch.


  The play is available also in German, Spanish, Italian and Russian translation.