Benjamin Kuras

Genre: tragicomedy
Cast: 4 men

First performed at the Gate Theatre in 1988 and subsequently produced as a radio play by BBC World Service with a sterling cast which included John Castle and Jack Klaff. Its German translation PHOENIX AUS UNSERER ASCHE opened at the Eurotheater inBonnwith the sponsorship of the Italian Institute andBonnUniversity, directed by Alessandro Bressanello. It remained in the repertory for 18 months.

Recounting Giordano Bruno´s last days in the Inquisition’s prison before his execution at the stake, the play has him sharing his cell with two Commedia strolling players who, unable to work out what they have been jailed for, are passing the time memorising Bruno´s dictation of his final book, conveying to the audience his essential philosophical ideas in a comical way. All this while Bruno’s erstwhile best friend, now an agent of the Inquisition, tempts him into recounting and enjoying the rest of his life with him in the Vatican library but after Bruno’s execution, finds himself in jail, too, for knowing all Bruno’s books by heart. 

  The play is available also in English translation.