Iveta Horváthová

Genre: intimate drama
Cast: 2 men, 3 women, 4 skins of a heroine

The play was awarded the 3rd place in the 1st drama competition for a new theatre play about equal opportunities for women and men Zlatá divadelná žaba [A Golden Theatre Frog].  (1st and 2nd places were not awarded).


A  woman´s body is an arena for body and soul fight. For a woman it always ends unexpectedly.  This play’s motto is this main conflict, too. The main character Halina, a successful editor-in-chief of a women‘ s magazine Pergamen, resigns from her position. After resigning, and also having problems with alcohol, she  meets  her skins to have her own body and soul fight. She gradually realizes what skin layers cover her soul pains. There are skins of  clothes sizes S, M, L, XL. Together with them she gets under her skin. Each skin size has its own opinions depending on the age and experience. The play pays attention to antithesis between advice in women’s  magazines and women’ s real life, stereotypes in women reading and writing; superficial patterns of women’ s behaviour and dressing, spreading „silent“ deformation, when a woman’ body becomes an object and starts living its own life out of real woman’ s opinions. The play is a parody of tried out and tested  pieces of advise found in women’ s  magazines that completely brainwash women and despite their focus on  women - they invisibly work against them. The play in a text layer provides elements of self-ironic view of a women’ s  world.


  The play is available in Slovak original.