Roman Sikora

Genre: monodrama
Cast: 1 man

The Death of a Talented Pig is a story of a pig which would like to become a human being. This pig thought that it was much more entitled to this than other pigs with no talent. This pig was good at singing. Moreover, it was a natural at acting. It even learned how to read. Or at least it thought that it had all these skills. Maybe the butchers who have let it run away from the path of death and allowed it to live up to fifteen years thought the same.

However, the times have changed and the slaughterhouse has been shut down. What to do with an old useless pig? At least a paté? Or make it a cute little grave on the yard of the closed slaughterhouse? An appropriate grave for a genius pig. But before that, the whole life must be summarized. And surely it was a beautiful life. There’s simply so much to talk about.

An existential monodrama bearing a subtitle A portrait of an Artist as an Old Man has been translated to German and presented as a staged sketch by an excellent German actor Stefan Kaminski. It is available also in a radio version that was first broadcasted in 2009.

  The play is available also in German translation.