Viliam Klimáček

Cast: 5 men, 3 women

Viktor, who has just left his well-paid job in a bank, meets his former schoolmate Patrik, a US emigrant. He tells him that he has met a “fatal girl” called Mia whom he has saved from comitting a suicide. Mia is a Goth − she listens to a dark apocalyptic kind of rock music, wears only black and a lot of bracelets and chains. A rebel in designer clothes who hates establishment and loves her parents’ money. Viktor’s wife Karla is an alcoholic, unhappy that her husband ignores her. Bibi, a young journalist, has sex any time and anywhere − with an upholsterer on a chair that’s being repaired or dressed as a policewoman who is just writing a fine. There’s a homeless man wandering through Bratislava claiming that he is Jim Morrison. He earns money by playing his songs and predicting future from ladies’ panties. At Slavin, a Russian colonel rises from the dead and asks people: what city is this?!


Black comedy scenes are followed by cool dialogues, delicacy by violence and the characters talk about sex rather than love. Corrupted time, corrupted people, corrupted love. Dark comedy about a moral chaos, infidelity, incest and cynicism of so-called middle age crisis.


The play won the Alfred Radok Award for the best Czech and Slovak play in 1995.

  The play is available also in English and Hungarian translation.