Pavel Trtílek

Cast: 1 men, 2 women

The play is framed by a prologue and epilogue for puppets with the crucial topics of life, death and immortality and a thin border between truth and lie.


Eliška brings her older sister Andela on a wheelchair home take part at her 80th birthday party. The celebration is supposed to be a revenge for a lifelong injustice. While talented Andela has always been seen as a promising young pianist, Eliska has been living in her shadow. This shadow got stuck in her mind and never disappeared. A series of humiliations and cruelties leads to a reversal of the original roles of both sisters. As the highlight of the celebration, Eliska has invited a music composer Master, who has always been Andela’s idol. However, when he comes, Andela is about to collapse and looks like a total nervous wreck. The revenge seems to be fulfilled, Master leaves. T he audience can’t even tell if he was really there or it was just a part of a cruel game as the character did not spoke a single word. In the end, Andela takes over Eliska’s game.

All the situations are constantly being doubted so nobody knows what’s real and what’s just fiction.


The world-premiere of the play took place at the festival of contemporary drama called Les Eurotopiques in Lille, France (in French translation) where it won the audience award.

  The play is available also in French translation.