Vendula Borůvková

Genre: monodrama, comedy
Cast: 1 woman

 “I have always known that the Venus figurine had existed before Elle, Playboy, or Harper’s Bazaar! I demand equality for my thighs! Full fat one-woman show!

Vendula Koblizkova once wanted to become a model. At the age of twelve she was on the right way. Since then, she has put on thirty-five kilos and grown twenty years older. Twenty years full of reduction diets and harrowing looks at the mirror. All children have their own dreams. However, some of them are smashed into pieces by both growing age and BMI…Vendais once more trying to escape the never-ending circle of her yo-yo effects, inferiority complexes and love crashes and applies for the Miss XXL competition. And she really goes to the final! At the moment she is sitting at home recording her profile of the finalist. It is supposed to be a kind of confession spiced up by humour and a number of sexy looks. In the end, it turns into a flow of crazy stories and gags…

This text was written for the purposes of performance at the studio stage of the theatre HaDivadlo in Brno.

  The play is available in Czech original.