Zuza Ferenczová

Cast: 1 man, 3 women

If Sarah Kane would write a comedy, it would be like Problem“ (Abdulkarim Malik)


Making decisions is always hard, even if you feel so sorrowful that you can´t tell to your best friends. In this case to Kika and Ika. The main girl´s question is: How come some problems get sorted on their own and the others won’t get sorted neither by 84 kilos of WAITANDSEE, nor by TIMEHEELSEVERYTHING or EVERYTHINGWILLBETHEWAYITSHOULDBE?  The girl is ALMOSTFORTEEN , pregnant and she doesn’t´t know, what to do. She can´t have a baby but she also can´t make a decision to go for an interruption. Because she doesn’t want to kill her fetus without knowing what WILLBEAFTER. Even if she is pretending to do a survey, no one can answer her question. So she takes the courage to feel the touch of death on her own skin and find out, what kind of life is THERE. In the world of ALMOSTFORTEENS you don’t ask the adults, you try to solve everything on your own. While hanging out of school the girl meets a boy, who is alive just because his mum have run away from the abortion table in her POLKADOTPAJAMAS. The girl doesn’t have a mother and even the boy has one, he hates her. As he says: Mother is like a tatoo you’re stuck with till the end of your life, that’s hard core. The boy agrees to help the girl to die just a little bit. The practical boy´s question is – how to do it? Finally they find a way, but it is really hard to try to kill your friend. Even harder if you just felt in love with her. The time is rushing - the girl had just 84DAYS to decide ad now is the last one. In the same time Kika and Ika solves the as well important question – what to wear if you know you are going to the other world. 

And one more thing: If you HAVEAPROBLEM, you shouldn´t give to the PROBLEM a name. LEM-PROB. Is that a name? 

  The play is available also in English translation.