Pavel Trtílek

Cast: 8 women

The aged and infirm Vojenová lives in a house beyond the town with her servant Beáta, a lightning conductor for her sarcasm. Beáta is preparing the supper which Vojenová regularly organises for six bereaved women on the anniversary of a fatal event. They and Vojenová are widows following a tragic accident: years ago, collapsing scaffolding killed their husbands. Each of the bizarre little women lives in her own strange world, which is linked with the ”big world“ only through media and fragments of their guidelines to happiness. The strange and even heroic behaviour of Vojenová and the sudden death of a cat of one of the guests awakens suspicions in the women that the supper was poisoned. Imprisoned in the house they urge one another to last grotesque confessions ...

  The play is available also in German, French and Slovak translation.