Jaroslav Rudiš

Cast: 4 men, 3 women

Black comedy about first and last fan of Depeche Mode in Czechoslovakia. Ludvik is just over forty, but he hasn´t achieved much in his life so far. He is single and he lives in a two room apartment with his mother. He works as a delivery driver. His only friend is his disabled co-driver Goro and his only true love the New Romantic group Depeche Mode. It is because of them that he wears black all the time. It is because of them that he is so alone. He has sacrificed absolutely everything to the group. Ludvik – the first David Gahan in  Czechoslovakia – one day sets out on a journey to the macabre Hotel Družba, lost deep in the forest, in order to take part in the I Love DM competition to find the biggest fan of the group. Hundreds of people are expected, but instead only four people turn up, the four last real fans of Depeche Mode in the Czechoslovakia: Milena, Vanda, Michal and Ludvik. They are joined by Jaromir, who hasn´t actually ever heard the group, since his musical taste doesn´t extend beyond Folk and country, but, in any case, he is in love with Milena. They all arrive, only for nothing to be like it was before, to finally grow up during the course of the weekend. At least some of them. The competition becomes a turning point in their lives, which changes their romantic relationships and also themselves. Not even the competition moderator, nor his beautiful, but somewhat stupid, assistant Claudie, manage to lighten the atmosphere. The basic situation in the play is a reminder of Jean-Paul Sartre´s In Camera in which several characters are uprooted from their worlds and thrown into a common space where their differing life attitudes and habits create a series of situations and conflicts.

  The play is available in Czech original.