Ervín Hodulík

Cast: 11 men, 1 woman

What if there is an afterlife? And what if it is totally different than how it is presented by various religions? And what if the universe works according to the theoretical physics rules? When all the “what if” come true, you are probably standing in the middle of an abandoned city called Globe where the play Absurdistan takes place and where the two main characters, Peter and Pavol, appear after an explosion of a boiler in an illegal pub. Together with their guide Thomas, who was delegated by the Supervisor, they are gradually revealing the secrets of this mysterious place. Thomas is showing them around and they are meeting the local rabble as well as the local notables in a medieval pub and aristocratic parlour. At this point the contrast of the characters becomes visible and causes conflicts. The climax comes in the third Act, when Peter is offered to take part in a long-planned “white-collar revolution” at their homeplanet because he is good at givinhg speeches. However, this layabout rather chooses a voluntary exile. There he is going to be born again, maybe as a future Mesiah and maybe as…


The play was awarded the second place at Evald Schorm Awards for 2011.

  The play is available in Czech original.