David Drábek

Cast: 6 women, 4 men

Alfréd Radok Award for the best original play of 2003

A view of the contemporary generation of thirty-somethings. Three university friends conceive a secret hobby: they meet at a hidden reservoir and ”dance“ in the water. After school their paths had diverged. Kajetán had taken the post of TV moderator and became a true celebrity. Petr stayed at the university as a lecturer and continued his stubborn struggle against consumerism. However, the two friends are caught off guard by Filip. He decides to stay in the reservoir for ever, returning to an existence as a prehistoric water element. Things take off – Petr leaves his wife, Kajetán, influenced by the loss of his friend, causes a brawl in the TV studio. Over a few seconds their certainty has crumbled to dust. In spite of all its gags and humorous situations, the play is permeated with the nostalgia of a generation and in places even a frosty surreal quality.

  The play is available also in English and German translation.