Ladislava Chateau , Miroslav Oupic

Genre: drama
Cast: 8 men, 5 women, 1 boy

This play is a story of a lonely 65-year-old television and film screenwriter František Horáček in the early nineties of the last century, when revolutionary political changes and chaos were taking place in Czechoslovakia. This man must leave his television job, because he is accused of collaborating too much with the previous regime. He is told that he wrote in favor of the previous regime and that he is not assertive and flexible enough, as it is the case of the whole society now. His marriage is falling apart, the children are drifting away, and he is leaving his original home.

He is alone and is forced to solve existential problems – finding a new flat, new job, new relationship, and all this in a world that feels strange and chaotic to him, world he could barely understand and also, he doesn’t want to understand. In the world of advertising, the cult of youth, arbitrariness and the abuse of power of money in all areas of life.

Mr. Horáček starts visiting on regular basis a nearby quiet and cozy café, from which he has a view on his former home. He remembers the pleasant family moments and talks imaginatively with his ex-wife. However, the café is gradually changing, unbearable music is being played more often, loud clientele starts coming. One day he is approached by the all-rounder director Flasar, to write a cult screenplay of a war movie, where he has to also fit eroticism and sex, because these ingredients sell films the most! And money, is what matters the most in the new movies! Horáček doesn’t like the combination of war and sex, but he’s running out of money and this offer is so generous! How is he going to deal not only with this offer, but also with his life in this new hectic age?

The play Just Another Dream shows with tragic humor the lonely life of an older person today, when the most important this is to be cool, or appear to be; frailty things such as beauty, youth or money are assigned virtually a major role, and much more important things are neglected by the society.

  The play is available in Czech original.