Miroslav Oupic

Genre: drama
Cast: 2 men, 1 woman

Patrik, who is almost forty years old, is an introvert. After the death of his parents he lives alone in a small, decaying family house. He wears glasses, disheveled hairstyle and clothes that’s out of style. He has no friends or a girlfriend, works from home as a programmer.

One day, after a long time he accidentally runs into his classmate Martin, who immediately suggests that they have to celebrate the moment. Patrik tries to talk him out of it, because for one, he has no time and also, he hasn’t gone out with anyone for a while. But Martin does not want to hear about it, so they make an agreement that Martin will come over to Patrik’s house at the end of the week.

Martin, who is now a wealthy owner of a thriving business, arrives on Friday evening and they both remember their student years. At night, however, something happens that will change their lives forever.

A story about one meeting of former classmates that includes unexpected situations, a lot of thrill, changes of plot and surprising ending.

  The play is available in Czech original.