Miroslav Oupic

Genre: black comedy
Cast: 3 men, 5 women

In the picturesque Czech town of Klídek there is the smallest branch of the Family Insurance Company Šťovíček. One summer Monday morning, Jarmila Rychlá goes to work. She has been working at this branch for ten years, so she thinks there won’t be many surprises before her retirement. This will change in a few minutes when she sees a new logo on her branch – IP INSURANCE House. The Family Insurance Company Šťovíček was bought by a large American insurance company, which she will learn in a few minutes from the new management that was sent to the branch from the Czech headquarters. There is young dynamic Davy Mazaný, MBA, who brings along with him two of his trusted workers. Mrs. Rychlá as well as her long-time colleague and former head of the branch, Růžena Klidná, are entering a new era. They have to undergo new training to learn new progressive sales skills. Only then this small branch can open to the first client.

Pavel Zabloudil gets into the town accidentally when his car navigation breaks. When he sees the shiny brand new signboard of this world-famous insurance company, he decides to pay them a visit. But he has no idea what he’s got into and what is awaiting him at the branch. Can he escape from the clutches of internationally trained insurance professionals and at what price?

This satirical black comedy shows with irony and humor the principle of financial institutions of today – getting the client’s money in the first place.

The World Premiere: 30.12.2015, Lány, the Czech Republic

  The play is available in Czech original.