Miroslav Oupic

Genre: comedy
Cast: 6 men, 2 women

Jarda is a middle-aged man who has been married to Simona, who’s a bit older than him, for three years. She already feels that her biological clock is ticking, and therefore she tries to turn every right moment with Jarda into a fertile one. Jarda consoles her that soon it will happen for sure, but he is frustrated by the planned routine of their marital duties. That is why he spends most of his time with his friends at the pub. His friend Martin once makes a complaint about how his pregnant wife changed during pregnancy, especially emotionally – she had her moods that kept changing every minute. Jarda responds to it, that this is just women in general, and if men could get pregnant, everything would be different.

The next day, Jarda wakes up with morning sickness. He and Simona attribute this to yesterday’s binge drinking. A few days later, Jarda is still sick from his stomach, his mood change, and in the hospital they find a very surprising diagnosis – he is pregnant! This moment marks a massive change in the lives of the married couple. Jarda learns about the realities of pregnancy and Simona, despite the initial irritation that he took on her job, is looking forward to the fact that soon they will no longer be a childless couple. But can they keep Jarda’s pregnancy as a secret from the outside world and pretend that it is Simona who’s pregnant? Will Jarda’s friends notice his transformation and what will be the reaction of Simona’s gynecologist Ivan, to whom she sends her pregnant husband?

This sitcom describes with humor and irony the differences between men and women in thinking and behavior.

  The play is available in Czech original.