Miroslav Oupic

Genre: comedy
Cast: 2 men, 1 woman

A comedic story about a man between 50 to 60 who cannot resist the female charm. However, he does not meet young women like it is customary today, but his women are maximum 10 years younger than him, women of experience who can savor his qualities. Every fortnight, always on Monday, he goes on a “hunt”. Slowly he gets to know an average married woman, a lady-Mrs. Entrepreneur, an intellectual who loves world cinema, a post woman, a girlfriend of his friend and a writer. He leaves nothing to chance and prepares with a lot of care for his dates – not only the possible topics of conversations, but also with the help of various clothing disguises and accessories, which are targeted to impress each woman. His hard work gets appreciated by the women and they plunge into his arms in his rented bachelor flat. This conversation game has a very surprising ending that will consternate many audience members.

  The play is available also in Polish translation.