Miroslav Oupic

Genre: comedy
Cast: 6 men, 8 women (optimal version), 5 men a 6 women (short version)

A satirical comedy about one Czech consulting firm. Fresh graduate of the University of Economics, David starts his first job as a trainee and gradually gets to know his colleagues – managers, advisers and administrative staff. He also begins to really see the background of the company and learns the real work atmosphere and morale in there. This is very different from the great image of the company, which is being created by a skillful PR manager. Every manager at the company has some serious issue – for example, the HR manager is bullied by her children and her husband or the CFO is a gambler. The play shows with irony the superiority of managers who do not even understand their work and their subordinates, and they play their game selfishly.    

  The play is available in Czech original.