Modern Somali Tales from the end of the world

Gaden Eugene

Modern Somali Tales from the end of the world" is an autobiographical epic of a young czech jew,who out of despair decides to climb the Berlin wall on his 19th birthday in spring 1989,not realizing back then, "The Wall" only had less than a year to go.The despair causing him to do so,is being mainly the one of seemingly endless , both moral and economical ,over forty years long decay of his otherwise rich and beautiful home-country.

  Much higher drive ,though, seems to be the boy´s eager search for the meaning of our lives in this world ,as well as the wish to discover genuine democracy ,freedom and truth.

  His quest takes him through Holland and Germany to the very heart of East Africa,as his childhood dream of becoming a Big Game Hunter starts to come true!

  The subsequently with his arrival to Nairobi,in neighbouring Somalia erupting civil war starts to bring into his life dozens of magicaly beautiful women from upper class families running away to relative safety of neighbouring Kenya from their own fathers´and brothers´war and!!! (even more so)just like our boy innitialy to the freedom of,to them yet completely unrecognized ,relatively democratic western world.


  At first our Boy enjoys "....those daughters of dignified fighting race",(as Karen Blixen once put it) entering his earthly existence. He has to ask himself ,however ,one day soon,as inter-religious and cultural clashes inevitably occur within such relations,what is it all about!?

  VOYAGE into soul of a sevage. WHO WAS IT GOOD FOR !? Voyage into FOUR THOUSAND years old souls of a nation hidden,unrecognized,pure,genuine.....and ancient,their seemingly false behaviour thus justified!

   Mysteriously enough,not untill a few years later does he get THE ANSWER as to why has his life become interwoven by dozens of black jewish women destinies,while himself is realy forced by circumstances to hide away his own jewishness!

   Yes,HE DISCOVERS it is the Somalis!!who are Black Jews by blood-line and not the Ethiopians,who are only convertites!yet centuries of oblivion combined with the arabic occupation and influnce,make the Somalis forget who they realy are,where they came from and most of all,acording to the islam pattern,hate anything jewish.

  As our boy is questioning why did some of his brother and sisters had to become black and be left behind on the "Continent of Punishment ",his life,by now resemeling one of a saint starts to unveil one unrecognized holy mystery after another,till our boy realizes,he is The New Age Mesiah coming to deliver the chosen,while revealing to this world truth stranger,than the wierdest fiction could possibly ever yieald.

  The story is being even more attractive by the actual fact of still unfolding all around us while those words are being written!

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