The title 8@8 signifies a series of eight ‘performance sketches’ of new Czech and foreign plays which are annually staged by Letí Theatre and the theatrical agency DILIA.

It is a combination of a stage reading and a regular production – a form that does not take up much time and also enables audiences to discover the latest Czech and foreign drama. The aim of the project is to present Czech and foreign latest drama to professionals as well as to a larger scale of audiences and to verify its staging possibilities in the Czech theatre context. The project attempts to initiate creations of proper productions of contemporary drama and thus we try to enrich dramaturgy of repertoire theatres and to support original Czech drama and contemporary drama translations. 


22nd January                                                                     Esteve Soler: Contra el progreso
12th September Stückemarkt 2013 Berlin - Elfriede Jelinek: Prolog? translated by Zuzana Augustová; Rebekka Kricheldorf: Der Weg des Kriegers translated by Karolína Macáková; Wolfram Lotz: Mama translated by Martina Schlegelová; Peca Stefan: Best New Europlay translated by Magdaléna Zelenková
16th November Theatre Uncut 2013 - Neil LaBute: Pick One translated by David Košťák; Tim Price: Capitalism is Crisis translated by David Košťák; Mark Thomas: Church Forced To Put Up Gates After Font Is Used As Wash Basin By Migrants translated by Magdaléna Zelenková
18th December  Mike Bartlett: Eartquakes in London translated by Lucie Kolouchová



16th February                Felicia Zeller: Gespräche mit Astronauten translated by Zuzana Augustová
25th September  

Viliam Klimáček: Kill Hill

14th November

Dennis Kelly: Orphans



19th April                     Pavel Trtílek: Pět set milionů Číňanů míří na západ hledat si nevěsty
20th November               Roland Schimmelpfennig: Peggy Pickit sieht das Gesicht Gottes translated by Markéta Polochová




27th January                 Phyllis Nagy: Disappeared translated by Marie Špalová
22th March Radmila Adamová: České kuchty super buchty
12th April  Sergi Belbel: Después de la lluvia translated by Martina Černá
15th June Botho Strauss: Die eine und die andere translated by Martina Černá
24th June  David Drábek: Chmýří
  Falk Richter: Electronic Love translated by Martina Černá
7th October  Dennis Kelly: The Gods Weep translated by Dana Hábová
10th November Oliver Kluck: Das Prinzip Meese translated by Kateřina Bohadlová
2nd December Helena Eliášová: Cyberlove




1th February                  Michaela Pňačeková: Roma translated by Marie Špalová
5th March Michal Hvorecký: Slovenský inštitút
5th April Carlos Be: Achicorias translated by Martina Černá
18th April Moira Buffini: Dinner translated by Lucie Kolouchová
26th October David Gieselmann: Die Plantage translated by Martina Černá
27th October  Marius von Mayernburg: Der Stein translated by Petr Štědroň
29th November  Daniel MacIvor: Marion Bridge translated by Petr Maška
15th December  Petr František Maška: Blbouni



27th March                     Helena Eliášová: METAL4EVER
6th April Mark O'Rowe: Terminus translated by Ester Žantovská
20th May Juan Mayorga: Animales Nocturnos translated by Lenka Sovová
2nd June David Drábek: Náměstí bratří Mašínů
1st October Petr Kolečko: Bohové hokej nehrají
7th November  Roland Schimmelpfennig: Das Reich der Tiere translated by Radka Denemarková
8th November Marius von Mayenburg: Der Häßliche translated by Kateřina Bohadlová
15th December Iveta Horváthová: Fetišistky




25th January                 Magdalena Frydrych Gregorová: Panenka z porcelánu
25th March  Albert Ostermaier: Death Valley Junction translated by Martin Vavroušek
29th April  Michal Šanda: Španělské ptáčky
2nd May  Falk Richter: Die Verstörung translated by Martina Černá
10th June                     Kateřina Rudčenková: Niekur
24th September                Viliam Klimáček: Závisláci
24th October                 Mark Ravenhill: Pool (No Water) translated by Dana Hábová
28th November                  Joe Penhall: Landscape with Weapon translated by Martina Schlegelová & Magdaléna Zelenková




15th January                    Lenka Lagronová: Království
12th February  Caryl Chruchill: Far Away translated by Martina Schlegelová
20th March Radmila Adamová: Holky Elky
13th May Doug Wright: I Am My Own Wife translated by Adam Novák
19th October  Andrej Kuruc: Keby veci boly tým, čím sú
1st November Gary Mitchell: In A Little World Of Our Own translated by Lucie Kolouchová



20th November                Anja Hilling: Monsun translated by Kateřina Bohadlová
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