In the cooperation with the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) and the international festival of arts schools called Zlomvaz DILIA Agency has been organizing a project called 3D since 2011. As a part of this project students of dramaturgy / directing from the Theatre Faculty of theAcademy ofPerforming Arts in Prague (DAMU) prepare staged readings of three contemporary dramas that have not been performed so far.

Except from the experience of taking part in the preparation of the staged reading of a chosen play, students are offered a chance to get to know a lot of contemporary texts which are otherwise not easily accessible. As a result, this project is likely to have a positive influence on the dramaturgy of Czech theatres. Every year the stages reading is followed by a discussion in attended by involved students, contemporary drama professionals as well as authors and translators of the particular pieces. This part serves for the purpose of evaluating newly created translations as well as discussing the state of Czech and foreign drama production and its theoretical reflection.


Previous years:


In the first year of 3D project organisers presented two contemporary plays by foreign authors and one more Czech play in the form of staged readings as a part of the Zlomvaz festival 2011. The staged reading of Huddersfield by a Serbian author Ugljes Sajtinac (translated by Jakub Novosad) was prepared by David Siktanc. This was followed by a performance of Love and money by Dennis Kelly directed by Marie Novakova. The last reading presented Marek Epstein’s play Vedlejsi efekt (Side Effect) prepared by Kristian Ivo Kubak. Discussion following the readings and attended by a translator and lecturer in Theatre studies Jakub Novosad focused on contemporary Serbian drama.


In the second year of 3D project organisers presented three contemporary foreign plays plus one more Czech play in the form of staged readings, again as a part of the Zlomvaz festival 2012. Staged reading of Talking to Terrorist by a British playwright and actor Robin Soans (translated by Hana Pavelkova) was prepared by Marie Novakova. The second piece being read at the stage was a play called Te noci (On That Night) written by an aspiring Czech author Helena Eliasova and directed by Ewa Zembok. The final reading was dedicated to Russian drama, i.e. Вилы by Sergei Kaluzhanov (translation by Jakub Kalensky) and зима by Yevgeni Grishkovetz (translation by Martina Palusova), both directed by Ivo Kristian Kubak. The last part of the 3D project was dedicated to a discussion named Trends in a contemporary Russian and English drama and Verbatim theatre. The prominent guests included translator and lecturer in Russian studies Tereza Krcalova and Hana Pavelkova, translator and lecturer in Theatre and English studies. 


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