Hana Lehečková

Cast: 3 men, 1 woman

Younger and Older have been stuck in a pub for a while. Younger is not allowed to go outside, Older doesn’t want to. Younger is choking when the window is opened, but he would still like to go out of the pub. However, Older is discouraging him by describing him his apocalyptic visions. Their only company is a waitress called Linda. Their private world is disrupted by a Newcomer.

The play V(y)chod is a result of a drama competition organized by Svandovo divadlo. Its aim was to reflect stories from the Old Testament and prove their validity in today’s world. Three variations on biblical stories have been staged: Cain and Abel, Moses, and Job. V(y)chod deals with the topic of Moses. The text resulted from a direct discussion between the director and the dramaturge of the future performance, i.e. under special conditions, in the contact with a live theatre.

  The play is available in Czech original.