Anna Saavedra

Cast: 4 men, 4 women

A tender grotesque play about virtual loves, working women and househusbands. Inspired by a famous play by Tschekov, a young Czech-Chilean author Anna Saaverda has created its modern version about women’s lives in the third millennium, at the age of baby boom, dating websites, careers and esoteric courses where they teach you “how to become a self-confident woman”. They would like to save the world or at least themselves stuck at a sleepy place where the average people go lucky. Three sisters. Smokers and saviours.

 We are surrounded by smokers and saviours. They are a metaphor not only to torn apart women, but also to torn apart people in general. They are stuck in the mud but they are looking up, at the stars. They have made lots of mistakes but in the end they might be able to find the courage and laugh at it. For this reason they will remind you of the characters from a famous TV show Sex and the City.


The play won the Evald Schorm Award for 2011.

  The play is available also in English and Slovak translation.