Roman Sikora

Cast: 1 woman, 3 men (can be modified)

Mr. M is a very complicated person. He doesn’t care about ephemeral and unreachable things like satisfaction, happiness and self-fulfillment – things that everybody else wants. He wants to suffer, and not only under the whip of his girlfriend or his boyfriend. He is looking for pain in the broadest sense of the word. The last parliamentary election brought him a prospect of the world full of the joys he is longing for.


He doesn’t care about human rights. At work, he is happy when he is bullied by his boss and when he has to work extra hard for a salary that is extremely low. He doesn’t want anyone to defend his rights. He supports the government in restricting employees’ rights and to transfer most of the public services into the private sector. When he gets social welfare, he calls for its abolition. When he works, he calls for longer working hours and lower pay. When he votes, he calls for restriction of the right to vote for people like him: the losers and the lazy ones.


He is a man who wants to suffer and it looks like his brighter days are finally to come. He went to the ballot with enormous joy but his life didn’t turn out exactly the way he wanted. When he defeats a Chinese contester at the Olympics of Human Resources, he receives public honors and Miroslav Kalousek invites him into the club. But that is not what Mr. M. wanted.


The play was written during a temporary residency project of the Centre for Contemporary Drama, Theatre Letí and Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov. The play has been in the form of a staged reading successfully performed at Theatre Ouvert in Paris and within the frame of Theatertreffen: Neue Dramatik aus Europa in Berlin.

  The play is available also in English, French, German, Slovenian and Russian translation.