Eliášová, Helena

Eliášová, Helena

She got a Bachelor’s degree from her studies of dramaturgy at DAMU, at the moment she continues with Media studies at CharlesUniversity. Since the age of 18 she has been involved in the dramatic work. Her plays often deal with the following topics: subcultures, searching for identity, inability to take part in society, destruction and collapsing of human relationships, modern technology etc. In 2007 her text Metal4ever was awarded Zlata Divadleni Zaba Award. This competition reflects the issues of equal opportunities for men and women. The play was staged by Divadlo Leti as a part of 8@8 project (directed by Daniel Spinar). She has also written a political satire Na (d)ne!, theatre plays Hustler4U, Posledni vecirek, Tentazione, Te noci, Majak, Ameba and radio plays Jako za ziva and Patek o desate. In December 2010, Divadlo Leti staged her play Cyberlove (directed by Martina Schlegelova), which was created as a part of the project called The Centre of Contemporary Drama. Her plays Hustler4U and Patek o desate won the Evald Schorm Awards for 2009. Her play Te noci was awarded the third place in the drama competition DRAMA 2009. She regularly cooperates with Czech Radio. She has been translating plays from German (T. Meinecke, Der Tod kommt auf einem bleichen Pferd, together with Katerina Bohadlova).

Synopsis of Plays