Iveta Horváthová

Genre: intimate drama with an eternally alive dead beautiful woman
Cast: 6 women, 3 man’ s voices

The play was awarded 2nd place in the Drama 2005 competition. In 2008 it was performed at the Slovak National Theatre inBratislava (the main characters played by: Zdena Studenková, Kamila Magálová and Táňa Pauhofová).


 “A text written in an attractive, lively and modern way.” (From the Slovak National Theatre bulletin.)


A story of an unconventional family consisting of 2 female friends – a respected actress Maryla and a manager Soňa (bringing up  a student Miška)  – and eternally present dead sister Ditta - all women’ s fetish. It is  the story of contemporary relations among women of diverse generations, a story about women’ fetishes, the way women perceive their determination,  about  a role of female beauty, dressing rituals and playing various roles in their own lives and in public.


It is also the story about fetishes, represented by relations of women  to the men not present and (not) living in the family – and  despite it  they get control over these women as if   they  really existed next to them. They are an evidence of another big women’ s fetish – love. The story does not flow in a linear way, it is a puzzle of events in time. It starts with the daughter Miška deciding  under the  pretext of recording students’ s  work to find out the truth about the family relationships. She wants to make a video about a life and opinions of her mother Maryla, a locally famous actress. Miška gradually learns the truth – what family she lives in and  who her real mother is. Miška  reveals taboo from the past and relation of two friends who have brought her up. The past enters the play as a fetish, always presented in a different way and embellished by women.


A word is another fetish of women. Monological dialogues express states and moods of women, living more in words than in actions. Every woman is an actress and every woman has many lives. A fetish of playing various women’ s  roles and overlapping (not)pretty roles on a stage of life and its backstage are the main motifs of  this  intimate study of women’ s  relations.

  The play is available in Slovak original.