Viliam Klimáček

Cast: 4 men, 4 women

The illusion of Tsar TV. A. P. Chekhov is coming back to his estate in Melikhovo after a totally disastrous opening of his play The Seagull. He wakes up in the morning and finds out that he has been transformed into a boxer. Since then he hits and hurts people around him...


He makes living by writing sitcoms for the Tsar TV. His fatal love Lika Mizinova has seduced all this friends. The most significant doctors from Chekhov’s plays appear here – Dr. Astrov from Uncle Vanya, Dr. Chebutykin from Three Sisters, Dr. Lvov from Ivanov and Dr. Dorn from The Seagull is also mentioned.


The play deals with love of men towards women, men towards men, with hope and disappointment. The true facts from Chekhov’s life (e.g. his love to a teacher Lika Mizinova) mingle with a postmodernist fiction (the Tsar TV and an extract from a sitcom called Three Sisters) .


The play won the Alfred Radok Award for the best Czech and Slovak play in 2000.

  The play si available also in English and Russian translation.