Viliam Klimáček

Cast: 2 men, 3 women

A tragicomic story of unhappy people trapped inside the jungle of a hypermarket. Anna who recites advertisements in a department store. Karin, an unsuccessful actress. Ian, a manager. Eva, a prostitute. Petr, a former member of Communist secret police. One day all of them meet in a hypermarket. Some of them work there, some of them shop, some of them came to provoke… Some of them have found a new chance in a hypermarket. While Karin still dubs stupid soap operas, Eva becomes a real movie star and Petr satisfies his need to spy by establishing a video security service. Still all of them are just sad clowns. A contemporary social drama about today’s traumas in a challengingly postmodernist shape. Ian: “Hypermarket is an exciting place. It evokes a feeling of unlimited possibilities. You go to buy chewing gums and leave with a microwave. People come back from shopping and at home release the tension by sex. Thirty per cent of conceptions can be blamed on shopping.”

  The play is available also in English, French, German, Polish,Hungarian and Arabic translation.