Barbora Vlnasová (Vaculová)

Cast: 4 men, 2 women

Ten horror-like scenes are set during St. Laurence’s night, sometime at the turn of 20th and 21st Century, in a discontinued Farming Cooperative in former Sudetenland. The storyline is centred on a strange sump that can still remember events that had happened here just after the WWII. The sump is full of cow stale, and beside it, full of stars, mysteries and secrets of the past. The past and the present, reality and dream, life and death, love and hatred, are all mirrored on the rippled surface and on the mist of the large dimension sump. Whatever disappears in the sump cannot be retrieved – nevertheless... From the forgotten depths of Czech history, some shadows of injustice would appear. Hodina the pensioner is patrolling at the sump although there is nothing to patrol any more. He’s getting drunk to appease his conscience and to forget his past and the beautiful German, Gretl. The ghosts of Gretl and her lover Hynek come from the past to revive the events of the St. Laurence night more than fifty years ago. Present day lovers, Eva and Karel, who came to have traditional lovers’ fun at the half-ruined hayloft belonging to the former collective farm, also get drawn into the mysterious events around the sump. Komorous, the local drunk and thief who would steal anything that’s not well tied down, remembers plenty of things despite his empty head. The Sump opens the past that is forgotten and nevertheless still alive. Can one atone for ancient wrongs? In front of a bizarre set of a rundown collective farm, a sixty year old story of love, small-mindedness and hatred is revived.

  The play is available also in German translation.