Pavel Trtílek

Cast: 1 men, 3 women

This text, written in co-operation withJan Krupa, shortlisted for the Alfred Radok Playwriting Award 2005, is a free follow-up to Trtílek’s The Last Supper and looks at today’s crazy world from the same perspective of the oldest generation. Its protagonists are three old women on pensions. Originally there should have been more ladies coming to visit Vilma, but most of them were prevented by poor health. Health is also the most frequent topic of conversation between Vilma, Bělka and Zdeňka. Their stories about doctors are as tragicomic as their colourful shopping stories. Vilma is a champion: she’s treating her girlfriends with not too appetising home-made apricot juice and revolting sticks while boasting about various bargains ordered C.O.D. from catalogues. Her self-aggrandisement reaches such absurd proportions that it provokes unprecedented aggression in her visitors... The whole ”presentation“ by Vilma is interrupted in the end by the arrival of an executor. After his work is finished, Vilma, blameless again, can re-start ordering from her catalogues.

  The play is available in Czech original.