Egon Luděk Tobiáš

Cast: 13 men, 2 women

The Imaginary Tale of a Collector of stamps and badges is told in retrospect, like reportage. With the urgency of Detective Phil Marlowe, it is reconstructed from the fragments of a situation which gradually puts together the picture of its journey from Earth to Venus and back. One dreamlike, absurd situation succeeds another; the Collector is hunted by the duties of the promise he made to Freddy. He scales mountains, jumps into chasms, delves in a mine to the starting ramp, penetrates Apollo 13, disappears in antimatter and lands on Venus on an exercise machine with Glenn and Armstrong. There he is captured by the Venusians. One of them pricks the planet Venus with the Collector’s badge; Venus explodes and flies off in all directions. Thus ends the inflated journey of Collector-Baron Prášil who wakes in his bed in the morning.

  The play is available also in English and Croatian translation.