Antonín Procházka

Cast: 6 men, 5 women

Stereotype, drabness, lacklustre feelings and horrified realisation of a fiftieth birthday as life´s terminus are fertile ground for dreaming. Especially when it dawns on the main hero, university professor of Russian literature Ivoš, that the years are passing and he still hasn´t achieved anything exceptional in his life. He longs for a great romantic love, and with the help of a computer genius finds himself in the reality of the novel War and Peace, where he falls in love with his favourite literary character, Natasha Rostova. Ivoš completely abandons himself to his participation in the novel, but a small mistake is perpetrated when Natasha, her maid and Prince Bolkonsky return with him to our reality. In the following roundabout of misunderstandings Ivoš escapes from Natasha, his wife and children. The disappearance of the literary figures from the novel becomes an international scandal. In the end however the professor persuades Natasha, who is thoroughly enjoying her new life, to return to the book. The experience feeds Ivoš´s appetite and he longs for new adventures. The whole comic mechanism goes into operation once more, this time ending in black humour. The professor finds himself in error in Cooks´ Land and his own family eats him for supper in a tomato soup. In 2002 Procházka´s play was named Comedy of the Year at the GRAND Festival of Laughter in Pardubice.


An inclination towards comedy is very rare amongst contemporary authors, all the more when his comedies always have inventive twists, and humour which draws on the absurdities of the present day whilst not being preoccupied with cheap topicalities. (Jana Machalická: Pletky s románovou hrdinkou, Lidové noviny, 6. 2. 2001)

  The play is available in Czech original.