Antonín Procházka

Cast: 4 men, 3 women

The comedy Not with Your Daughter is about two perfectly ordinary married couples (a bank clerk and a teacher, and the manager of an unsuccessful artistic agency and a librarian) who are trying to overcome a possible married crisis. The author does not however focus on the psychological aspect of the characters; they serve him for construing the situation and introducing witty paradoxical aphorisms. An innocent episode with a simple-minded housebreaker, firmly underpinned by hysteria arising from sexual stereotype and by that reliable comic motor – chance – initially creates (with the addition of a maturing daughter and her boy friend) a slight twist: gradually however this becomes a geyser of neck-breaking situations, embarrassments, mistakes, exchanges and verbal humour. Just as inconspicuously as the confusion arose, everything gradually returns to its usual rails, but in the end the author doesn´t let us get away without a little nudge: on the horizon lurks another crisis. That´s life – and not only married life. The play´s success at home and abroad demonstrates the author´s outstanding talent for comedy.


The emerging would-be playboy spirit of a previously settled man becomes fertile ground for the turning of a roundabout of complicated situations underpinned by witty dialogue. (S tvojí dcerou ne, Jihlavské listy, 22. 4. 1997)

  The play is available also in Polish translation.