Iva Peřinová

Cast: At least 12 animal puppet characters, a chorus of puppets

A puppet play for young audiences and adults depicts thrilling moments in the life of an animal theatre ensemble. Hippopotamus the director is rehearsing with his actors He-Goat, Crow, Monkey and sleeping Lion a new all-singing all-dancing play, written and typed by a certain Mr. Woodpecker. Mrs. Vixen, a talented-though-not-professional actress barges in and takes over the lead role. As a consequence, Mrs. Crow runs away from the theatre and her role is given to the protagonist of this story, a naive stage manager cum prompter, Duckling, who is ready to „die for the role“. There is a suspenseful development in the relationship between the naive female and red-haired diva; the play ends in a graveyard – bad luck to Ms. Vixen, this time... This play was also performed as physical theatre of masks.

  The play is available also in English translation.