Lenka Lagronová

Cast: 1 man, 2 women

The characters of the play stand as if isolated with their desires in an emptied world. In a sequence of visions, wild images, nightmares and dreamlike associations, the relationship of a daughter both to her mother and to men around her develops, revealing motifs of death, adolescence, physical longings, longings for freedom but also for love and tenderness. At the beginning we find ourselves in a room with white walls during a conversation at night-time between Cilla and her Mother. Their relationship appears in different forms – in love and in selfishness, in concerned care and tenderness, and in an effort to free herself from her mother and to grow up. During the conversation Sebastian appears beyond the glass doors of the room, asking for accommodation. Cilla, longing for a man, shuts her Mother into the wardrobe. She is immediately sorry, longing to return to her childish innocence, but it is impossible to stop time. Cilla seduces Sebastian, longs to offer herself to him, but he rejects the relationship. The Mother reawakens to life and leaves. Only Cilla and Sebastian remain in the room, and now finally together try to ”release the Antelope“. Even though the play is written in prose it has strong poetic potential. It is a typical work with language for the author, language full of neologisms, symbols and compulsively returning motifs.

  The play is available also in Spanish and Russian translation.