Ivan Kraus

Genre: comedy
Cast: 3 men, 2 women

Weekend is a bitter conversation comedy in four scenes, in which stereotypes of family relationships (husband and young mistress, wife and young lover) are portrayed with elements of absurd comedy and with a sense for subtle linguistic humour. In the first scene we are witnesses to the early morning conversation of a middle aged couple – about health problems, unpaid bills and bureaucratic summonses. He is preparing for a weekend congress, she for a visit to a friend. In the second and third scene we find ourselves in a hotel where the couple are spending the weekend with their respective lovers in adjacent rooms. The action alternates between the two rooms and we follow the development of the situation of both couples. The young Mistress is jealous of the Wife, and gradually begins to make the same, if not greater, demands. Eventually the Husband is degraded to a „lap-dog“, barking and going on all fours. The Lover is shocked by a telephone conversation between the Husband and Wife. In the last scene the two couples meet over breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The married couple betray no sign of knowing each other. The conversation of the four, served by the Waiter, reaches a piquant situation, but at the same time painful revelation, softened however by the author´s kind-hearted overview and understanding of human frailty.

  The play is available also in German translation.