Magdalena Frydrych Gregorová

Cast: 5 men, 4 women

A Czech tribute to Nicole Kidman


The setting of the play is a forgone village Ages. There are few permanent inhabitants in the village. The Mayor is considered to be the leader as he is the only one who has money. The Ages were hit by a heavy storm and the crops were destroyed. The people fall into need and the wolves run from the woods because of hunger. The Soldier, the Mayor’s best friend, is expecting war. The Innkeeper has an inn, but his only regular customer Smith does not have a penny. Since the time the hunger has arrived in Ages, and the Innkeeper’s horse died, he cannot get drunk in the inn anymore. It was the only horse in the village and it earned Smith a living. The mayor has a son Janko, who suffers from a strange disease. He remembers nothing, even not the things he has done a while ago. He is being cured by an old herbalist Barbara. The plot starts from the moment when the Mayor´s daughter announces wolf’s arrival to village. Nobody except Barbara knows that the starving wolf has brought a Woman into the village and only Barbara realizes what danger can be brought by the secret Woman into the village. How much evil can Ages bear? A dark play in which the playwright, using her economic yet poetic language, discovers inner demons, instincts and manipulations that are revealed in extreme situations. By its theme, storyline and anxiety it evokes in its audiences or readers, the play reminds one of the Lars von Trier movie, Dogville.

  The play is available in Czech original.