Daniela Fischerová

Genre: A Radio (and TV) play
Cast: 2 men, 5 women

Prague in 1953. Julie is just celebrating her thirty third birthday; but she’s both sad and inward-looking. She is thinking about her father who is in prison and about the meaning of her own life…

That’s the beginning of the TV play by Daniela Fischerová originally written for the anonymous joint competition run by the Czech and the German radio. The seemingly dominant story of the main character is split into complex web of destinies of six people. Around the protagonist, there is Dadul the subservient soul, Váňa the intellectual, Emila the very young, Míra the rough man, and also an “angel” who always appears at the right time and on the right place…

The heroes of the play find themselves suddenly in an extreme situation: they have to choose between truth and lies, between honour and betrayal, between life and death. The death, paradoxically, can also mean freedom. Nevertheless, the main character, powerless, disabled Julie finds hope in the end. The play by Daniela Fischerová is unusual, both for its poetic, colourful language and for its structure featuring surprising turns in the plot.

The play was produced for the Czech Radio in 1994, directed by Hana Kofránková. In 1995, the same play was used for a TV drama film directed by Lucie Bělohradská.

  The play is available also in French translation.