Daniela Fischerová

Cast: 6 men, 2 women (or 5 men, 3 women)

In her latest play, the prestigious playwright Daniela Fischerová (who entered her script into the Alfréd Radok 2008 Playwriting Competition stylishly under the pen-name of Jan Frank) plays with her theme of stage illusionism both in the storyline and the form of her play. The lead character of the play, Viktor, is performing at yet another stage of his tour with his assistant Stella. It soon transpires it is the same town where Viktor’s beloved mother abandoned her son thirty seven years ago. Viktor never recovered from the loss and remained a child looking for protection from women. The only pillar of those that remains is Stella, his outspoken helper onstage.

But his fateful town also brings a fateful encounter: Viktor falls in love with a young kleptomaniac called Iris. He saves her from being arrested, and under the influence of love starts demonstrating real or imaginary ability for real magic. Objects and people, that were formerly subjected to Viktor’s and Stella’s trickery, start to disappear really and to reappear unexpectedly soon afterwards. These phenomena are not just the result of Iris’ incurable illness. Iris is even able to replace Stella who gets sick in Viktor’s production forcing the stage magician to choose between the two women. At this stage, it becomes apparent that Viktor is not only using stage illusion but based his whole life on it. Iris is not in love with Viktor, Stella is not a woman and – as the enthusiastic spectator of Viktor’s shows, the Criminalist, explains, it was not of her own free will that the mother abandoned her thirteen year old son at the time... Out of the twelve manners of disappearing the mother taught him so many years ago, dying was the last one. But Viktor is able to defend himself from this one in the end.


The play won the 3rd prize at the Alfréd Radok Competition for the best original Czech or Slovak play for 2008.

  The play is available in Czech original.