Daniela Fischerová

Cast: 3 men, 2 women, chorus

The legend of the play´s ambiguous title is the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Fischerová´s play also has the atmosphere of the mythical Middle Ages: the city with its organisations, ceremonies, superstitions and miracles, witchcraft and - inquisitions. The supernatural is naturally part of reality, a reality witch is also metaphorical. Into this world comes Johan with his mysterious wife, who has been pregnant for far longer than she should have been. Johan finds asylum in Hamelin, but then unconsciously brings destruction on the whole city, because he has written off an inquisition and is now fleeing from the consequences of his act. The abbot refuses to hand him over to the inquisition´s emissary. Gradually we learn that Johan´s coming to Hamelin was not entirely at odds with the aims of the inquisition. The abbot has paradoxically needed the inquisition´s blesssing in order to protect the city from its influence - now he is getting on its wrong side again. Every choice seems to be predestined to be a mistake. The rebel city is isolated from the rest of the world and the pretext of it being rife with plague. Than the Pied Piper comes. „The Devil never buys half a soul," may be a quotation from Fischerová´s Princess T, but it could also be the leitmotif of A Legend, whose heroes at some point in the unequal battle - but also of their own will - lose their freedom. This modern tragedy was one of the theatrical events of the period just before November 1989.

  The play is available also in English translation.