Miroslav Bambušek

Cast: 1 woman, 3 men

An excursion into Apocalypsis


The last revolution is over, a localized nuclear war is over, sometimes in the future. The nuclear bomb hit the transit space of the Czech Republic, a delimited white space of the former East-West transit route. The ”white space“ had been closed after the hit, the contaminated environment is completely sealed. The affected life inside the zone had been written off and it is being gradually destroyed from the outside. Nevertheless, there are still some people who want and need to live. Their survival instinct is more powerful than the ubiquitous death. Zone is a play about attempts to find a different metaphysics for a new civilization. Zone represents a moment of great pain from which a miracle is born. The play was first performed as a closing part of the Perzekuce.cz Project in the industrial space of La Fabrika in the Holešovice district in Prague.

  The play is available in Czech original.