Helena Eliášová

Genre: radio play
Cast: 2 men, 1 woman

Friday at 10 pm is a liberating slogan of a couple who goes out dancing every week. The author has described it as “a play about escaping, from life, from loneliness, from ourselves.” It shows a world of young people through the perspective of our fear from disappointing relationships and coming into terms with ourselves. Tragicomic play is trying to get to the core of an absurd relationship between homosexual Tomy and heterosexual Rina which is based on their confidence that they will not leave or hurt each other. The tie of rather siblings’ or friends’ love is starting to be disrupted by natural male intruders, against whom they must both protect themselves. Seemingly unimportant situation of turning down the offer fot a regular Friday party causes a conflict which proves the pointlessness of such a relationship. A play about fumbling, courage to accept our identity, panic fear of real life, but also about friendship and (in)ability to cope with our past.

Patek o desate is a radio play, but the author is planning to create its stage version.


The play won the Evald Schorm Award for 2009.

  The play is available in Czech original.