Tereza Březinová

Cast: 1 man, 1 woman

A log cabin in the mountains, voices waking up birds and frozen water. He, Ignac, makes an impression of an older brute. She, Stella, looks as a daydreaming delicate person. They seem to be a couple who decided to spend a few days in a log cabin at the wrong moment. However, the stuff for packing is getting too much, the car doesn’t work and Ignac is losing his energy. As the time is passing, we can see that they are maybe not just an ordinary couple and it might be the other way round. It might be just pretending and playing a game.

A two-act comedy that shows how difficult it is to communicate and listen to the each other. How difficult it is to offer and accept help. How difficult it is to cope with the oncoming end, especially when love interferes.


The play was awarded a Certificate of Merit at the Evald Schorm Awards for 2011.

  The play is available in Czech original.