iJÁ / iME


A story of man who longs for perfection. A story that ends with an error. Would perfection  be possible with no errors? Would it still be perfection? Where does the product end and start a human being? Do we know what we want or do the ones who offer it to us know it better? Was Steve Jobs a marketing superstar or God? Does it make any difference? And what would Adam and Eve say?

An original text inspired by life and “work” of Steve Jobs. An attempt to look into an operating system of today’s world. An insight into a user’s life in post-PC period. World where it doesn’t matter what you use but it matters how you use it. World where there is nothing right or wrong… Do you know that by purchasing the right product you can become a better person? Flawless, nicer, more attractive… Do you love Apple? And does Apple love you? And is it a real love? It is. It iS not.


The play was awarded the third place at Evald Schorm Awards for 2011.