Games to manage aggression and restlessness

Zdeněk Šimanovský

Genre: non fiction

Often we mention rising aggression of children and its consenquences: tension within the groups of kids and youth, stress of individuals, uncontrolled  explosion of emotion. The book offers deeper understanding of the problem core and its processing through games.

Suppressed emotion cause tension, hostility and violence. On the other hand, controlled aggression helps to win in sporting or other competition within given rules. The presented games and activities contribute to such aggression control. They support the suitable reaction to strain and help to minimize or eliminate excessive tension.  


Topics are divided according to its focus. There are warm-up games, recognition and model (role-play) games, as well as authentic games (i.e. games in which children act as themselves and learn to common self-enforcement).  The book also includes games to calm down, including wonderful musical farewell ritual.

Teachers rate the book as a great assistant for daily work with children. The author is a psychologist and was active for the Confidence line, works also as a teacher and therefore is very familiar with the school environment.


The book was first published with 3000 copies in 2002. Soon it was sold out. Since then it has been published 6 more times. It is still being sold and number of copies has already reached almost 9 thousand.

In September 2012  (10 years after first edition) publishing house Portál evaluates this book as second best-selling book of the month.



The book opens with an overview of main „children concerns“ because of which they sometimes call Confidence line. Below each of the topics there are psychologist’s factual instructions how to deal with such situations. Readers will also find out how to treat a child who has mentally decompensated.


The main part of the book covers almost 400 game instructions that bring pleasant excitement, adventure and healthy competition, activity, humour and fair-play into the classroom.


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