Holiček Braňo Featured

Holiček Braňo

He was born in 1985 inKosice. As a child he took part is several performances at Mestske divadlo in Kosice. He played the main character in the musical Oliver at Vychodoslovenske statni divadlo, he has cooperated with the Slovak TV. In 2006 he graduated from the Prague Conservatoire (Theatre Department). As an actor he has featured in many TV series and films (e.g. Kral sokolu, Vsichni moji blizci, Kruh, Red Baron, Post Bellum) as well as theatre performances. At the moment he is in the fifth year of his studies of Directing at the Theatre Faculty of AMU in Prague. He has directed the plays Meeting Point, V sedmem padu, Tmavomodry svet (naruby) and Deadline at Studio Ypsilon. As a guest director he has cooperated with Divadlo F.X. Saldy inLiberec, Divadlo Lampion in Kladno, Divadlo v Dlouhe and Divadlo Leti.