Michal Viewegh, Iva Hercíková, Halina Pawlowska

Genre: drama
Cast: 2 men, 3 women
Úprava: Miroslav Oupic

Dramatization of the book of the same name; dramatization was carried out in 2011 by Miroslav Oupic.

The main characters of this play, in which the most important role is love and sex, are three people – Albert, Kristýna and Olga. Albert, who is almost forty, was always a class champion, yet he has finished only four semesters of medicine, and now works as a receptionist at the Center of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. With his wife Christina, whom he married when he was twenty-one and who was at the time twenty kilos lighter, he has two children. Their relationship, which slowly ceases to work, enters Olga, who is only two years younger and is the head of the Center at which Albert works.

The main characters leave each other, then return to each other again, but is this a recipe for a happy life?

This psychological play shows with humor and irony middle age crisis, which is so widespread today.

World Premiere – 1.8. 2012, Prague, the Czech Republic

  The play is available in Czech original.