Roman Sikora

Cast: 4 men, 2 women and 1 monster

Mr Leviathan – one of the two most successful entrepreneurs in the world – likes to enjoy himself. Every month he invites a handful people to his home to make his breakfast hour a little brighter. It is said that those who take part in this have a chance miraculously getting rich. It is also said, however, that may be subjected to some kind of unpleasantness. The characters are forced from the start to humiliate themselves performing ‘amusing tasks’ and fulfilling the wishes of Mr Leviathan. He actually turns out to be a two-headed monster with a valet that speaks on his behalf. A country singer entertains the guests with idiotic songs, the British prime minister reads with deep emotion from a pornographic novel, a Czech journalist loses his hand, an Italian history professor provides amusement with a critical speech, and a Glaswegian labourer slaps everyone on demand.

  The play is available in the original Czech and in Hungarian translation.